8171 Aghosh Program 23000 Pregnant Women Registration Latest Update 2024

Aghosh Program Payment

The Ehsaas Aghosh Program is a government initiative aimed at assisting pregnant and lactating women. If you’re looking to register for this program and receive financial aid for your children, you’ve come to the right place. This article outlines the simple process for registration and how you can access funds for your family’s well-being.

In Punjab, the Social Protection Authority oversees the Aghosh Program, ensuring that registration centers are available in every district. These centers, located at headquarters hospitals and tehsil levels, facilitate the registration process following a medical examination. The goal is to provide financial support to pregnant and lactating women in need, without any hassle or complications.

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Registration Update

For those interested in joining the program or seeking updates on payments, rest assured that the registration process is straightforward. Whether you’re a pregnant woman or a family member looking to support someone in need, accessing program details and funds is made easy. This program is specifically designed to assist deserving families who have not yet availed themselves of similar benefits.

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Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Riayat 8171 Program 14000 Payment Update 2024

If you encounter any challenges or simply want to check on your payment status, the system is user-friendly. Pregnant women can easily track their payments and access relevant information without any inconvenience. By following the guidelines provided by the government of Pakistan, you can complete the registration process and start receiving the financial assistance you deserve.

Get Aghosh Payment

Getting financial assistance and free healthcare services is easier for pregnant women and mothers with children up to 2 years old in certain districts of Punjab through the Aghosh program. This program offers phased financial aid up to Rs. 23,000 and free medical facilities at health centers. Additionally, married couples aged 18 to 35 from 75,000 households can receive business assets worth up to Rs. 150,000 under the Autonomous Programme.

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To ensure quality education, about 3,400 government schools provide primary education and training facilities in an international style. Health centers across 669 locations enable digital registration of patients through electronic medical records. Moreover, a modern social and economic registry is established to identify deserving families throughout Punjab, enhancing their social and economic security.

Registration For Aghosh Program

Registering for the Aghosh program is a simple process designed to ease the burden on lactating women. Here’s how to register:

  1. Visit any Aghosh program center or nearby health center.
  2. Submit your ID card and mobile phone number for registration.
  3. Upon receiving a registration confirmation message, confirm your registration.
  4. Opening an HBL Connect account is mandatory for program participation. This account facilitates easy access to funds.
  5. Opening an HBL Connect account is straightforward. Simply visit the nearest HBL bank, provide the required information, and receive your account details.

By following these steps, eligible individuals can access the benefits offered by the Aghosh program and other related initiatives with ease.

Registration For Pregnant Women

Registration for the Aghosh program is open to pregnant women and mothers of children up to 2 years old, regardless of the stage of pregnancy or child’s age.

To register, visit the nearest health center with your national identity card and provide your details.

Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS from the Bank of Punjab.

After registration, it’s important to check if you’re eligible to receive financial assistance. You can do this online using your CNIC.

Upon confirmation of eligibility, you’ll start receiving financial support. You can also check the details of the assistance on your child’s disgray.

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The registration process involves providing comprehensive details during check-ups. You’ll receive instructions on how to proceed, making the registration and money receipt process easier.

Financial support is provided in stages. Pregnant women receive assistance, and support continues from birth to the age of five for the child. Monthly assistance is provided during this period.

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