8171 Program Latest Update Jan 2024

Assalam Alekum, dear viewers! As we step into the promising year 2024, I extend my heartfelt wishes for prosperity and success to all my Muslim brothers and sisters. Today, I bring you three significant updates regarding the 8171 Ehsaas Kafalat Program Benazir Income Support Program, each carrying substantial importance for the year ahead. So, let’s delve into the details of these noteworthy announcements.

Overview Of Latest 8171Benazir Income Support Program Program Update In 2024

  1. The last date for women to submit their children’s birth forms is January 31, 2024. Those who fail to do so may face disqualification from the program.
  2. New ATM cards are being introduced, allowing eligible women to withdraw their funds from any district without the need to travel to the district where the survey was conducted.
  3. A savings scheme has been initiated, providing monthly savings to participants. It is a two-year project, and those who join must commit to the entire duration.
  4. Training for children’s benefits is expected to start in January, with double installments for those who completed their children’s wazas before October.
  5. ATMs have been restored, and women can withdraw money from any other bank with the necessary biometrics.
  6. A reminder to all women to verify and update their information to ensure continued eligibility.

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Importance of the Benazir Income Support Program

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the crucial role that the Benazir Income Support Program plays in supporting the underprivileged. The government’s commitment to uplifting the less fortunate through various programs, including Ehsaas Kafalat, reflects a dedication to societal welfare.

Three Significant Updates Of 8171 Program for 2024

First Update: Deadline Extension

One of the major updates for 2024 is the extension of the deadline to 31st January. This extension holds particular significance for women who have received messages since 8171. However, there’s a catch. Those who fail to submit their children’s birth forms by this deadline risk being excluded from the program.

8171 Update Jan 2024
8171 Update Jan 2024

Second Update: Inclusion of More Banks By BISP

In a move towards greater accessibility, the program is expanding its reach to include more banks. Notable names like UBS, HBL, Alfala, and MCB are joining forces. This expansion ensures that eligible women can easily withdraw their funds from any district, offering convenience and flexibility.

Third Update: Ehsaas Savings Scheme

The introduction of the Ehsaas Savings Scheme is another stride forward. This two-year initiative encourages participants to join, providing monthly savings along with the potential to recover funds. For those seeking to be part of this program, time is of the essence. Make haste and secure your spot in this promising venture.

Training Initiatives for Children

In the spirit of nurturing potential, the program is set to commence training for the children of Benazir Income Support Program recipients. Timely registration is crucial, and those who act promptly stand to benefit from double installments.

ATM Restorations and Withdrawal Process

Exciting news for participants: ATMs are making a comeback in 2024. This means you can withdraw your funds from any bank’s ATM, providing a seamless and convenient process. Detailed instructions on the biometric process and necessary steps will be covered to ensure everyone can access their funds effortlessly.

Reminders for Program Participants

A gentle reminder to all program participants: ensure your information is up to date. Any misinformation or submission of false documents may lead to removal from the program. It’s crucial to maintain transparency to continue reaping the program’s benefits.

8171 Update Jan 2024
8171 Update Jan 2024

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Conclusion of the Updates

In conclusion, the three updates for 2024 present promising opportunities for program participants. The extended deadline, expanded bank partnerships, the introduction of the savings scheme, and training initiatives for children all contribute to a more robust and inclusive Benazir Income Support Program.

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Conclusion Paragraph

As we wrap up, I once again extend my heartfelt wishes for a prosperous and blessed 2024. May your endeavors be met with success, and may this year bring positive changes to the lives of all our viewers. Thank you for your continued support.


  1. Q: How can I update my child’s birth forms before the 31st January deadline?
    • A: Visit the Benazir Income Support Program office with the necessary documents, including your ID card, electricity bill, and gas bill.
  2. Q: Can I withdraw money from any district, even if my survey was done in a different one?
    • A: Yes, the program allows you to withdraw funds from any district, offering flexibility and convenience.
  3. Q: Is the Ehsaas Savings Scheme mandatory for program participants?
    • A: While not mandatory, joining the savings scheme offers additional monthly savings for participants.
  4. Q: What happens if my child’s birth forms are not submitted by the deadline?
    • A: Failure to submit birth forms by the deadline may result in exclusion from the Benazir Income Support Program.
  5. Q: How can I ensure my information is up to date to avoid removal from the program?
    • A: Regularly verify and update your information to maintain transparency and continue benefiting from the program.
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