8171 BISP New Registration 3 Methods In February Update 2024

In a recent development for 2024, the BISP program has initiated new registrations, aiming to address challenges faced by eligible families. This opportunity allows destitute and widowed women to access financial assistance through the BISP program.

This article will guide you through the entire registration process, from utilizing the 8171 SMS service to online registration and office-based registrations.

BISP New Registration Families

The BISP program, committed to eradicating poverty and providing financial support to those in need, has opened its doors for new registrations in 2024. Eligible families facing difficulties can now find solace in the registration process and join the BISP program to secure a better future.

Utilizing 8171 SMS Registration

A seamless way to check eligibility and register for the BISP program is through the 8171 SMS service. By simply texting your ID card number to 8171, you can verify your eligibility status. If deemed eligible, a confirmation reply will be sent, ensuring you can avail yourself of the program’s benefits.

In case of non-receipt of a confirmation reply, sending the ID number from the registered SIM on the ID card or the husband’s SIM will rectify the situation.

BISP 8171 Online Registration

For those who prefer the convenience of online registration, the BISP program offers a user-friendly web portal. To initiate the process, visit the BISP website, fill in the provided form with your ID card number and code, and submit.

A confirmation reply will be sent, allowing you to check eligibility and proceed with the registration through the online portal.

Office-Based Registration through BISP Office

Families residing in areas with Digital Optical access can also register for the BISP program through their local BISP office. By visiting the tehsil office, individuals will receive a registration form, which, when completed and submitted with relevant documents, initiates the registration process. Even if initially disqualified, updating data from NADRA allows individuals to reapply and overcome registration challenges.

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List of Required Documents for BISP Registration

To streamline the registration process, ensure you have the following documents:

  1. Original Identity Card (ID Card)
  2. Husband’s ID Card
  3. Children’s B. Form
  4. Family List: Include dates of birth, ID card numbers, etc.
  5. Verification of Monthly Income
  6. Widows: Carry husband’s death certificate
  7. Disabled Persons: Provide a medical certificate
  8. Married Individuals: Present marriage certificate
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8171 BISP Registration Methods

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Fulfilling the BISP Program’s Vision

The BISP program’s vision is to alleviate poverty by providing financial assistance to the underprivileged. By registering widows, widowers, and disabled individuals, the program aims to fulfill the basic needs of vulnerable families.

The ongoing survey in 2024 presents an opportunity for new families in Pakistan to join the program, ensuring a brighter future for those in need.


In conclusion, the BISP program’s announcement for new registrations in 2024 brings hope to struggling families in Pakistan. Eligible widows and widowers should take advantage of this opportunity to secure financial assistance and meet their basic needs. By following the registration procedures outlined in this guide, individuals can contribute to ending poverty and building a more inclusive society. Register with BISP today and empower vulnerable families for a better tomorrow. Read more: Big News Ehsaas 2 New Families Are Eligibile For 9000.

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