Benazir Kafalat Program 18000 Update 2024

In today’s update, I will provide the latest information on the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and address some of your inquiries. Please watch the entire video for comprehensive details, and if you find it helpful, kindly hit the like button. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

Benazir Kafalat Program & Wazifa Update

Starting with the first question, for those under investigation since April, you can check the status of your money through your device or on seven web portals. If you are in District Nankana, you can withdraw funds from an HBL device. Ensure to verify the details at the BISP office in the Tehsil office.

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Now, addressing a viewer’s concern regarding the second case and stipend for children after a survey on 2nd September. If you haven’t received it, check if there are errors in your bay form or if it needs updating. If you received an installment in September, your next payment, including the stipend, will come after verifying the attendance of 70% of your children.

I mentioned on 1st January that some families have received funds, while others faced delays. After January 10, regular messages and fund disbursements will resume. It’s essential to note that some families, despite their children’s perfect attendance, may face delays due to the BISP verification process.

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BISP Program Latest Update

I’ll provide you with the latest updates on the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and address some of the frequently asked questions. Stay tuned till the end for valuable information. If you find this article helpful, please don’t forget to like and feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

Checking Status and Payments:

  • Mention the importance of checking BISP status for those under investigation since April.
  • Emphasize using 7 web portals to verify status and potential payment information.
  • Guide viewers on utilizing HBL devices in specific districts for easy access to funds.
  • Highlight the availability of information at BISP offices for those seeking additional assistance.
  • Question from Viewers:
  • Address a viewer’s concern about a missing second case and stipend for children.
  • Explain the possibility of delayed payments due to form discrepancies.
  • Encourage viewers to correct any errors in their bay forms promptly.
  • Clarify that installments may be combined and distributed after verifying children’s attendance.

Language and Auto Captions:

  • Acknowledge confusion regarding auto captions in Hindi on the screen.
  • Explain the source of auto captions and their potential impact on understanding.
  • Assure viewers that content will continue to be in Urdu for clarity.

Distribution of Funds:

  • Provide insights into the ongoing distribution of funds to families.
  • Discuss instances of successful transactions and those experiencing delays.
  • Assure viewers that messages regarding fund disbursement will continue, especially after January 10.
  • Address concerns about families yet to receive funds, even with verified attendance.

Challenges in School Attendance Verification:

  • Discuss challenges faced in attendance verification, especially due to the impact of BISP attacks.
  • Highlight the importance of accurate attendance records for continued program participation.
  • Mention the potential risk of exclusion from the program if attendance issues persist.

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