Big Update 8171 Benazir Ehsaas Programme February 2024

Discover the most recent developments in the Benazir Income Support Program and 8171 Ehsaas program, featuring a substantial Rs 8,500 assistance. While numerous families across Pakistan are benefiting from children’s scholarships, a significant portion of the population is still awaiting their share of Rs 8,500. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind the delay and address common concerns regarding the government’s messaging on surveys.

BISP Disbursement of Rs 8,500:

Exciting news unfolds as the government has successfully disbursed Rs 8,500 to eligible beneficiaries. Additionally, many families have received children’s stipends. Despite these positive strides, a considerable number of individuals are yet to receive the children’s scholarship, and the Rs 8,500 installment has not reached them. This raises the question: what is causing this delay?

Survey Requests from 8171:

One of the notable developments is the widespread messaging from 8171 urging individuals to undergo a new survey. Failure to comply may result in consequences. While it’s understandable that the government may enforce such measures, the perplexing aspect is the repeated messaging. Individuals who already completed the survey a month ago are now receiving messages to undergo a new one. What could be the reason behind this unusual occurrence?

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Key Points:

  1. Rs 8,500 disbursed to eligible beneficiaries.
  2. Some individuals awaiting children’s scholarship and Rs 8,500 installment.
  3. Widespread survey requests from 8171 causing confusion.

Understanding the Situation:

If you have previously completed the survey, there is no need to fret. The duplicated messages should not be a cause for concern. It appears to be a system glitch, considering individuals who have undergone the survey are receiving repeat messages. Even if you receive multiple messages, rest assured that your initial survey details are on record.

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Rs 8,500 to Rs 9,000 Transition:

For those who have received Rs 8,500, the burning question is when they will be eligible for the Rs 9,000 installment. To shed light on this, the government has made it clear that individuals who have not yet received the Rs 8,500 should wait until their investigation is complete. Only then will they qualify for the subsequent Rs 9,000 installment. However, those who have already received Rs 8,500 can anticipate the Rs 9,000 installment in the coming months.

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Transition to Rs 9,000:

  • Those awaiting Rs 8,500 should wait for investigation completion.
  • Rs 9,000 installment for Rs 8,500 recipients in the coming months.

Anticipated BISP 9000 Cash Disbursement Timeline:

As we navigate through the month of January and approach February, the disbursement of Rs 9,000 will commence. Subsequently, in the months of February and April, eligible individuals can expect their accounts to be credited with the additional amount. Conveniently, this can be accessed through HBL and various retailer shops.

Anticipated Disbursement Timeline Points:

JanuaryOngoing disbursement of Rs 8,500
FebruaryCommencement of Rs 9,000 installment
AprilContinued disbursement of Rs 9,000


In conclusion, the 8171 Ehsaas Program 2024 is in full swing, aiming to provide financial support to deserving individuals. Stay informed, stay patient, and rest assured that the government is working to ensure that everyone entitled to these benefits receives them.

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