Good News About BISP ATM Restoration And Upcoming Installment


In this detailed article, we’ll unravel crucial updates about the restoration of ATMs and share vital information regarding the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). Get ready for a wave of positive news as we dive into the details, providing answers to questions about ATM accessibility and the upcoming disbursements scheduled for the next month.

The Long-Awaited ATM Restoration

Many have been eagerly anticipating the restoration of ATM services, especially after facing challenges during the tenure of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf government. Previously known as the Ehsaas program, beneficiaries could withdraw payments from ATMs. However, during the Shahbaz government’s tenure, changes were made that hindered ATM transactions for BISP payments. The good news is that the wait is finally over!

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Key Points:

  1. Restoration Date: The decision to restore ATMs has been finalized, and starting from the 10th of February, beneficiaries can once again withdraw funds.
  2. Accessible ATMs: Insha Allah, HBL and Bank Al Falah ATMs will be at your service, ensuring convenience for beneficiaries.

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Updates

1. Installments for Benazir Kafalat Program:

  • Beneficiaries can expect the installment of Benazir Kafa Program 9000 to commence from the last weeks of the next month.
  • Under this program, installments are released every three months.

2. Government Transition and Program Continuity:

  • The decision to kickstart payments from the next month aims to preempt potential disruptions due to a change in government.
  • Ensuring continuity in the program, the first half-year payments will be issued promptly.

3. Scope Expansion for Kafalat Program:

  • Post 25th February, the Kafalat program’s scope will broaden, offering support for children, including nutritional aid.

Check Your Survey Status from Home

Concerns about re-surveys have been prevalent since the release of new survey updates. Fret not; a user-friendly solution has been introduced on the 8171 web portal.

Steps to Check Survey Status:

  1. Enter your identity card details on the 8171 web portal.
  2. Observe the color-coded results:
    • Red indicates your registration status in the dynamic survey.
    • Receive notes confirming your survey completion or the need for a new survey.
  3. For those receiving survey messages:
    • Mandatory surveys are required; check your status on the portal.

Future Updates and Your Feedback

As the number of updates grows, we want to ensure you receive relevant information. We invite your feedback on whether you’d prefer information on BISP Savings Scheme registration or guidance on arranging for children’s education.

BISP ATM 2024 Update
BISP ATM Updates


Insha Allah, with these updates, you’ll be well-informed about the restoration of ATMs, BISP installment schedules, and survey statuses. For more detailed information and a step-by-step guide on checking your survey status, refer to our previous article.

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