BISP Complaint Registration Through Call Centers

BISP Program Complaint Centers

Welcome to the BISP Program Complaint Centers, where your grievances related to the Ehsaas Program, Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), or Benazir Kafalat Program are addressed. If you’re facing issues like not receiving your money or being deemed ineligible for financial aid, or if you’re unsure about the registration process, fret not. The Government of Pakistan has set up BISP Complaint Centers to assist you.

Now, you can resolve all your concerns with just a call from the comfort of your home. If you encounter any problems, you can reach out to the BISP contact number provided by the program and access your financial aid. So, pay close attention to this article as it holds the key to resolving all your worries. You’ll discover how to address your issues through remote representatives and secure your financial assistance.

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Contacting the BISP Office via Helpline Number

The Government of Pakistan has established BISP Complaint Centers to ensure that the voices of the poor and deserving are heard, and they receive immediate financial assistance. This article provides you with BISP WhatsApp numbers where you can register complaints regarding your registration status, financial assistance, or if anyone attempts to deduct money from your aid. It’s important to note that BISP money is provided to you without any deductions. If someone requests deductions, contact the given BISP WhatsApp number promptly to register your complaint. The WhatsApp numbers for all provinces are provided here.

Bisp centers 1714751654810

BISP Payment Receiving Issues: Complaints via Phone Calls

Many women encounter difficulties in receiving their financial assistance after enrolling in BISP. They face various challenges, such as being unable to provide thumbprints due to amputations or deductions made at the center. To address these issues, the Government of Pakistan has established BISP Complaint Centers. If you experience any such problems, file a complaint to seek resolution and alleviate your concerns.

BISP Program Complaint Registration 2024

If you encounter difficulties submitting your complaint online or fail to receive a response, fret not. You have the option to visit the BISP office in your tehsil. There, you can seek assistance from the representatives and resolve your issues to access your financial aid. The registration process is straightforward, and if you face any challenges, rest assured, solutions are available. Should you encounter any problems during registration at the BI office, where your concerns are not addressed properly, you can file a complaint through the BISP contact number.

Bisp complain center 1714751314240 11zon
BISP Complaint center info

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BISP Control Rooms Contact WhatsApp Number

For those who wish to receive their financial aid without leaving home and want to file a complaint in case of any issues, the BISP helpline numbers provided below can be contacted for immediate assistance:

ProvinceWhatsApp Number
Sindh 103018472836, 03018472838
Sindh 203028240958, 03018472841
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa03155212820
Balochistan03185761507, 03155212897
AJK and Gilgit Baltistan03155213394, 03155213094
South Punjab 103018472831
South Punjab 203175370095
Central Punjab03028240972, 03202399575
Punjab North03028240977, 03028238564
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