Latest Update BISP Dynamic Survey: Easy Online Registration

Latest Update BISP Dynamic Survey 2024

The Government of Pakistan has introduced an online registration process for the BISP Dynamic Survey. This survey aims to include families who were not previously registered in the 8171 Ehsaas Program Survey Registry. By launching this survey system, the main objective is to enroll more eligible households, allowing Pakistan to conduct more comprehensive surveys in the future. The registration process for numerous households will be completed during 2023-2024. Dynamic surveys are considered more reliable compared to the NSER service.

Availability of BISP Digital Service Center

To facilitate the registration process, the BISP Digital Service Center is available in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Jammu. These households are eagerly awaiting the response to BISP’s new registration program, which has gained significant popularity in all districts of Kashmir.

Participation and Data Update for Persons with Disabilities

For persons with disabilities, after updating their disability status in NADRA, they should contact the nearest tehsil level registration center for survey participation or data update.

Government’s Announcement: Dynamic Survey Program 2023-24

The Government of Pakistan has publicly announced the Dynamic Survey Program 2023-24, aiming to register new families in the BISP program. To verify your registration, you can check online through the 2023-24 portal using the 8171 check online service.

MoU Between BISP and NADRA for Benazir Card Process

In order to speed up the process of obtaining Benazir cards for persons with disabilities, BISP and NADRA have signed an MoU for a new survey under NADRA’s Dynamic Registry. This new survey will primarily be conducted digitally, ensuring a simple and error-free procedure.

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Overcoming Challenges of Previous Ehsaas Survey

The previous Ehsaas survey faced challenges as many eligible families were unable to register. However, the BISP Dynamic Survey aims to address these issues and ensure greater inclusivity.

Bisp dynamic survey form
BISP Dynamic Survey

Important Notes for Widow’s Identity Card, Divorce, and Disability ID Card

After the death of the husband, the identity card of the widow has to be renewed from NADRA. Similarly, after a divorce, a woman must update her NADRA-related identity card. People who need a disability ID card to return home should make sure they have one.

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By following these guidelines, individuals can smoothly navigate the registration process and benefit from the BISP Dynamic Survey.

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