BISP New Form To Change BISP Tehsil Adress In 2024

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) plays a crucial role in providing financial assistance to eligible individuals and families in Pakistan. For those who have experienced a change in their address or Tehsil, leading to disruptions in their economic support, the “Change of Address District Tehsil” form has been introduced. This article will guide you through the BISP registration process, address change procedure, and how to overcome eligibility challenges.

Address Change in BISP:

For girls registered under BISP facing disruptions in economic aid due to a change in Tehsil, the “Change of Address District Tehsil” form is the solution. By filling out and submitting this form to the nearest BISP office, individuals can re-register and resolve any issues related to the change in their economic support.

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Benazir Income Support Program Registration 2024:

Whether you are already registered, facing eligibility challenges, or have been declared ineligible, BISP has implemented measures to address these concerns. The program is currently updating information for previously registered households, and the registration process for those excluded in the previous survey is ongoing. If more than 600,000 women have been disqualified, they are required to undergo a survey and update their information. The program aims to provide detailed information through SMS and encourages individuals facing any problems to visit the BISP office for assistance.

Solution for Ineligible BISP Persons:

While the process may take some time, individuals declared ineligible can find a solution by visiting the nearest BISP office. By providing detailed information about their situation, they can undergo a second review and potentially regain eligibility for financial assistance.

BISP Change of Address District Tehsil Form:

Step-by-Step Guide to Filling the “Change of Address District Tehsil” Form:

To utilize the “Change of Address District Tehsil” form, follow these simple steps:

  1. Save the form for Change of Address on your device.
  2. Print the form to obtain a hard copy.
  3. Fill in all the required records as specified in the form.
  4. Submit the completed form to the BISP office.

Remember, you can obtain the form from the BISP office or any authorized center. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation message within 20 to 30 days, informing you of your registration status and the resumption of economic aid.

Bisp tehsil chang form
Change of BISP Tehsil Form

Re-registration for Ineligible Women in BISP:

Ineligible women previously registered in BISP are advised to visit their nearest application office. By providing all necessary details, including reasons for disqualification, they can undergo a re-registration process and potentially resume receiving financial assistance.

Change form for women
BISP Adress Change for Women

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Registration Process for Fresh BISP Applicants:

For those not already registered in BISP, the application provides guidance on the registration process. Update your information with NADRA, obtain the NSER registration form, fill in the required details, and submit the form. Upon verification, you will receive a confirmation message, and you can then collect your financial aid from the nearest registered store or BISP money center.

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Fresh Applicant Registration Process In Steps

  1. Update your information with NADRA.
  2. Obtain the NSER registration form.
  3. Fill in the required details.
  4. Submit the form for verification.


The Benazir Income Support Program aims to assist individuals facing changes in their economic situation or location. Whether you are experiencing eligibility issues or are a new registrant, the application offers comprehensive details on how to navigate the registration process and regain access to financial aid. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to visit the BISP office for support.

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