BISP’s New Scheme Awareness in 2024

BISP’s New Scheme in 2024

BISP News 2024: In the spirit of Bismillah Rahman Rahim and Assalam, we extend a warm welcome to our viewers. As we navigate the beginning of a new year, questions linger about the government’s commitment to aiding those in need through various relief programs. Amidst the excitement of the New Year, misinformation circulates on social media, prompting us to address the need for vigilance and discernment.

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The Significance of the New Year:

Each day begins with the blessings of Allah, providing us with new opportunities to worship and continue our worldly journey. While social media buzzes with diverse opinions about the New Year, it’s essential to distinguish fact from fiction. Some may discourage the traditional “Happy New Year” greeting, but the true Islamic new year, Muharram ul Haram, marks the commencement of our annual journey.

Navigating Social Media Fatwas:

In the digital age, individuals with limited knowledge often issue fatwas on social media. However, it is crucial for us to remain steadfast, ignore baseless claims, and pray for Allah’s guidance to follow the righteous path, Sirat Mustaqeem.

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Exposing Frauds in the New Year:

As we step into 2024, a disturbing trend emerges – fraudulent schemes targeting vulnerable individuals, particularly those in financially precarious situations. These scammers utilize various methods, including text messages, calls, and emails, to exploit unsuspecting victims on social media.

BISP New Scheme Alert:

The modus operandi of these fraudsters involves enticing people with promises of government welfare programs. Individuals are urged to apply for these programs by paying fees, providing codes received on their mobiles, or submitting personal documents. It is crucial to note that legitimate communication from the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) comes exclusively from the number 8171. No personal calls are made, and any inquiries from local offices should be verified in person.

Protecting Personal Information:

The management team of BISP never solicits personal information, such as identity cards, publicly. In the event of any request, it is advisable to share minimal information privately, ensuring the legitimacy of the recipient. Private individuals must exercise additional caution, as our channel’s primary purpose is to warn about fraudulent schemes under the guise of charitable programs.

Beware of Blackmail Tactics:

A prevalent form of fraud involves blackmail, where scammers exploit personal information to manipulate individuals. Victims are coerced into participating in dubious programs, causing harm to themselves or others. Awareness is crucial to avoid falling victim to such schemes.

Government Measures and Updates:

Contrary to circulating rumors, the government has not announced any new year’s gifts. The focus remains on existing initiatives, including the release of pending installments for children, timely tranches of the Benazir Kafa Program, and the launch of Baccha Saqim.

Dynamic Survey and Child Scheme Application:

A recent communication from 8171 underscores the importance of completing the dynamic survey before January 31 to avoid interruptions in financial assistance. Viewers are encouraged to share their experiences with the re-survey message and whether they have applied for the child scheme. Those interested in the child scheme are requested to express their intent in the comments by writing “savings scheme” or “yes.”

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In conclusion, staying informed and vigilant is paramount in safeguarding against fraudulent schemes. By adhering to guidelines and verifying information, individuals can protect themselves from falling prey to scams. Our collective responsibility is to promote awareness and resilience within the community, ensuring that genuine efforts to assist those in need remain untarnished. May Allah guide us on the path of truth and protect us from the pitfalls of deceit.

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