Ehsaas Aghosh Program 2024: Latest Updates and How to Apply Online

The Ehsaas Aghosh Program stands as a beacon of support for individuals facing diverse challenges, emphasizing education and holistic development. Targeting those grappling with financial hardships and educational barriers, understanding eligibility criteria is paramount for potential applicants seeking assistance.

Aghosh Program: Applying Made Easy

Greetings to all! Let’s explore the latest updates on the Aghosh program. In the prior post, we detailed the convening of the first episode, prompting many queries. It’s crucial to grasp the true purpose and eligibility criteria. Pregnant women or those with a child under two years can join. Notably, women receiving Benazir Income Support Program payments from different districts are ineligible. For details, contact the nearest HBL UBL Omni cash agent. A prompt withdrawal is advised to prevent potential loss.

Ehsaas Aghosh Program 2024: Latest Updates and How to Apply Online
Ehsaas Aghosh Program 2024: Latest Updates and How to Apply Online

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This year, messages regarding the program’s first episode reached many women through the short code 9267. To register, women from specific districts should contact their nearest Punjab Social Protection Authority offices. If unavailable, a visit to the nearest health center with relevant program information is an alternative.

Benazir Taleemi Wazifa Update 2024:

Updates circulate about Benazir Education Scholarships, claiming installments have been released to all recipients. However, some women await their children’s money. Regularly attending school, they should verify their children’s registration at the ISP office for eligibility confirmation. Payments for October to December are imminent, following two installments from July to September. Some women receive a single installment, with one pending, temporarily halted. The looming question is whether a re-survey is necessary. Those in the program for over three years need a re-survey, even if they receive messages. The process of receiving messages varies, especially for Telenor users. Visit the nearest BISP office to confirm re-survey necessity.

Taleemi wazaif program update 2024
Taleemi Wazaif Program

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8171 Online Survey 2024 For Aghosh Program:

Contrary to belief, not everyone needs to resurvey. Those in the program for over three years and receiving payments need to resurvey, even if they receive messages. Message receipt variations persist, especially for Telenor users. Visit the nearest BISP office for re-survey queries. Completing the survey won’t immediately stop payments; it confirms eligibility or disqualification.

8171 Online Survey 2024 For Aghosh Program:
8171 Online Survey 2024 For Aghosh Program:

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Aghosh Program Online Application:

For those applying online, follow these steps:

1Visit Ehsaas Nashonuma Program website
2Click “Register Now”
3Enter CNIC and mobile number
4Click “Verify”
5Enter OTP received on your mobile
6Fill online application: pregnancy status, household income, health insurance status
7Attach CNIC copies, husband’s CNIC (if applicable), pregnancy/lactation certificate
8Click “Submit”

Ehsaas program staff will review applications. Eligible applicants receive SMS notifications for cash grant collection from designated centers.

Additional Information:

  1. The Aghosh program is available in select districts of Punjab.
  2. Eligibility requires pregnancy or lactation, Pakistani citizenship, and living below the poverty line.
  3. Meeting health criteria, like attending antenatal care clinics and giving birth at a health facility, is necessary.
  4. Cash grant amounts vary based on children and pregnancy/lactation status.


The Ehsaas Aghosh Program continues transforming lives. Stay informed to benefit from this initiative, utilizing the simple online application process for easy access to much-needed assistance.

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