JazzCash Partners with BISP to Distribute Funds for Beneficiaries

JazzCash, Pakistan’s leading fintech company, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) to distribute funds aimed at empowering underserved communities, with a special focus on women inclusion. This collaboration marks JazzCash as one of the select financial institutions chosen for this prestigious initiative.

Through this partnership, JazzCash will utilize its extensive network of agents and retailers nationwide to distribute funds to more than 1.3 million beneficiaries. The goal is to ensure timely disbursement of funds across various districts in Pakistan, with a particular emphasis on areas in Sindh, including Sanghar, Nawabshah, Mirpurkhas, Tharparkar, Matiari, Umerkot, Sujawal, Tando Allahyar, Tando Mohammad Khan, and Hyderabad.

Additionally, JazzCash will extend its disbursement services to Kaharan and Chaghai districts in Balochistan, Rahim Yar Khan in Punjab, and Malakand in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This initiative aims to reach remote and marginalized communities, providing them with essential financial support.

Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are dedicated to improving the economic well-being of Pakistani women through our collaboration with BISP. Leveraging JazzCash’s network, we aim to offer accessible digital financial services, thereby contributing to the financial empowerment of BISP beneficiaries.”

Murtaza Ali, Head of JazzCash, emphasized the shared vision of JazzCash and BISP in promoting financial inclusion and social upliftment. He highlighted the importance of breaking barriers and providing equal opportunities for all, especially those in need.

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BISP currently assists over 9 million women by providing cash assistance amounting to Rs. 10,500 per quarter for a period of 3 years. Through the 3-year partnership with JazzCash, beneficiaries will have access to cash withdrawals using biometrically enabled services.

This collaboration underscores JazzCash’s commitment to advancing financial inclusion, empowering women, and contributing to the socio-economic development of Pakistan. With its extensive agent network and innovative technology, JazzCash aims to revolutionize the financial landscape and make a meaningful impact on communities across the country.

In conclusion, the partnership between JazzCash and BISP underlines the importance of collaboration in addressing socio-economic challenges and creating opportunities for marginalized communities. Through concerted efforts and innovative solutions, we can work towards a more inclusive and prosperous future for all.

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