New Passport Fee Structure Unveiled in Pakistan – February 2024 Update

Lahore: In its ongoing efforts to facilitate citizens’ international travel and ensure their safety abroad, the government of Pakistan has introduced an updated fee structure for passport issuance.

A valid Pakistan passport serves as more than just a travel document; it also provides essential protection and assistance from diplomatic and consular representatives while citizens are in foreign countries. Recognized as the sole proof of identity abroad, the passport is indispensable for Pakistani travelers worldwide.

Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior, the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports is entrusted with the responsibility of processing passport applications and issuing passports to eligible citizens. For those residing in Pakistan, the Regional Passport Offices serve as the primary point of application for obtaining travel documents.

Step-by-Step Application Process:

Applicants visiting Regional Passport Offices undergo a systematic process to obtain the new Machine Readable Passport (MRP). The following steps outline the procedure:

  1. Arrival and Service Counter: Applicants begin by approaching the Customer Service Counter.
  2. Fee Verification and Documentation: This step involves verifying fees, capturing photographs, and issuing tokens for processing.
  3. Biometrics/Fingerprint Capture: Applicants provide biometric data, including fingerprints.
  4. Data Entry: Vital applicant information is entered into the system.
  5. Verification: Office records, including the Exit Control List (ECL) and Black List (BL), are checked for verification.
  6. Interview and Decision: Assistant Directors conduct interviews and make decisions regarding passport issuance.
  7. Passport Collection: Successful applicants collect their passports upon completion of the process.

Fee Structure for New Passport:

The latest fee structure issued for obtaining a new passport in Pakistan is as follows:

365 YearsPKR 3000PKR 5000
10 YearsPKR 4500PKR 7500
725 YearsPKR 5500PKR 9000
10 YearsPKR 8250PKR 13500
1005 YearsPKR 6000PKR 12000
10 YearsPKR 9000PKR 18000

First Time Lost:

Pages5 Years10 Years
36PKR 6000PKR 9000
72PKR 11000PKR 16500
100PKR 12000PKR 18000

Second Time Lost:

Pages5 Years10 Years
36PKR 12000PKR 18000
72PKR 22000PKR 33000
100PKR 24000PKR 36000

Third Time Lost (& afterwards): The case will be referred to DGIP Headquarters for further action.

Pages5 Years10 Years
36PKR 24000PKR 36000
72PKR 44000PKR 66000
100PKR 48000PKR 72000
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Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these fees to ensure a smooth application process.

With the introduction of this revised fee structure, the government aims to streamline passport services and enhance accessibility for Pakistani citizens. Stay informed and prepared for your passport application to embark on your international journeys with ease.

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