Breaking News: March 2024 Update on New Smart ID Card Fees by Nadra

New Smart ID Card by NADRA

In Pakistan, the National Registration and Database Authority (Nadra) holds the responsibility for issuing the New Smart National Identity Card (NIC) to its citizens. This new card comes with a unique 13-digit identification number that holds significance across the entire country.

It’s not just any card; it’s a key that unlocks access to essential services such as obtaining a license, registering for NTN (National Tax Number), opening a bank account, applying for a passport, or even getting a cellular connection.

Eligibility for New Smart ID Card

Every Pakistani citizen aged 18 and above is eligible to apply for the new smart NIC. It’s an essential document for participating in various aspects of life in Pakistan, from official transactions to personal identification.

How to Apply for the New Smart ID Card

Option 1: Visit NADRA Registration Center (NRC)

One way to apply for the New Smart ID Card is by visiting any NADRA Registration Center (NRC) in your locality. There, you can complete the necessary paperwork and provide the required documents to initiate the application process.

Option 2: Online Application via Pak Identity Website

Alternatively, you can opt for the convenience of applying online through the Pak Identity website. This method allows you to fill out the application form from the comfort of your home and have the new smart NIC delivered directly to your doorstep. However, it’s important to note that while you can apply for a Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) online, you cannot initiate the process for a fresh/new CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) through the website.

Fee Structure for New Smart ID Card

When it comes to fees for the New Smart National Identity Card, Nadra offers different categories to accommodate varying needs and urgency. As of March 2024, here’s a breakdown of the fees:


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In conclusion, obtaining the New Smart ID Card from Nadra is a straightforward process that ensures access to essential services and facilitates smoother interactions in various aspects of life. Whether you prefer the traditional route of visiting a Nadra center or the convenience of online application, the choice is yours. With its unique features and widespread recognition, the New Smart ID Card is an indispensable tool for every Pakistani citizen.

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