The Ehsaas Program’s Support for Pregnancy

Welcoming a child into the world is a journey filled with joys and challenges, especially during the early months. For women facing financial difficulties, this journey can be particularly demanding. Recognizing these challenges, the Ehsaas program by the Pakistani government has introduced a special initiative to financially support pregnant women. This initiative is designed to be a beacon of hope, providing much-needed assistance to expectant mothers and their unborn babies.

Ehsaas Program for Pregnant Women:

Under the BISP program, the Ehsaas Pregnant Woman Program specifically targets low-income pregnant women facing financial constraints. The government has also launched the BISP Pregnant Women Program, offering monthly payments upon registration. To stay updated with program requirements, it’s crucial to update personal data every two months.

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BISP For Pregnant Women
BISP For Pregnant Women

How the Program Works:

The Ehsaas Pregnant Woman Program operates effectively to ensure timely financial aid reaches those who need it. Eligible recipients can easily find information on registration, payment disbursement locations, and how to receive payments.


Benefits of the Ehsaas Pregnant Woman Program:

  1. Access to Nutritious Food:
    • Payments enable mothers to buy essential items for a healthy diet.
    • Ensures adequate nutrition for both the pregnant woman and the developing baby.
  2. Alleviating Financial Stress:
    • Financial support eases economic challenges, allowing mothers to prioritize their health.
    • Encourages a more content and less stressful pregnancy experience.
  3. Access to Prenatal Care:
    • Financial aid ensures regular prenatal checkups and medical attention.
    • Grants access to essential medical services, addressing health concerns promptly.
  4. Promoting Financial Stability:
    • Empowers mothers to make healthier choices for themselves and their newborns.
    • Breaks the cycle of poverty, contributing to a better future for upcoming generations.

Verification and Assistance:

To check eligibility and determine aid amounts from BISP for pregnant women:

  1. SMS your ID card number to 8171.
  2. Receive a text message confirming eligibility.
  3. If initially ineligible, try again after 24 hours.

Primary Objectives of the Program

Primary Objectives of the Benazir Pregnant Women Program:

  1. Preventing Child Stunting:
    • Ensures children under two don’t experience stunting or growth impediments.
    • Fosters healthy development in early childhood.
  2. Promoting Maternal Health:
    • Emphasizes healthy weight gain during pregnancy for a healthy baby.
    • Prevents conditions like anemia, ensuring maternal well-being.
  3. Preventing Health Issues:
    • Focuses on preventing anemia in both women and children.
    • Ensures essential nutrient intake for overall health.
  4. Educating on Health and Nutrition:
    • Initiatives to disseminate knowledge on maintaining good health during pregnancy.
    • Emphasizes the early stages of a child’s life.
BISP For Pregnant Women
BISP For Pregnant Women


The Ehsaas Pregnant Woman Program is a crucial support system, addressing the fundamental needs of expectant mothers from disadvantaged backgrounds. By promoting healthier pregnancies, the program contributes to a brighter future for both mothers and their children. Verify your eligibility today and access the assistance you need for a healthier, stress-free pregnancy.

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