Breaking News BISP Waseela Taleemi Double Payment 6000 Start

BISP Waseela Taleemi Programs Overview

Ehsaas Taleemi WazifaA conditional cash transfer program under BISP providing financial aid to underprivileged students for education.
Zewar-e-Taleemi ProgramAlso known as “Wasilla Taleemi,” it offers Rs. 6,000 scholarships for girls in government schools from grade 6 onward.

BISP Payment Schedule for Waseela Taleemi Double Payment 2024

InstallmentPayment DateEligibility Criteria
January 2024January 1Double payment of 6,000 rupees per child for June & September installments. Eligible for those with children maintaining over 70% attendance.
January 2024January 10-15 (Tentative)New installment likely to start for regular and newly eligible families.

BISP Waseela Taleemi

In Pakistan, the term “Waseela Taleemi” encompasses various educational initiatives, with a primary focus on empowering deserving students from underprivileged backgrounds. Two key programs fall under this umbrella: the “Ehsaas Taleemi Wazifa” of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and the “Zewar-e-Taleemi Program.” Both strive to pave the way for education, acting as a beacon of hope for countless families.

BISP Latest Updates:

Greetings! We are here to bring you the latest updates from the Benazir Income Support Program. Today, we’ll delve into the quarterly installment of 9 thousand rupees and essential education scholarships for children. As many approach the one-year mark of receiving Child Benefits in January, there’s anticipation for the June installment. However, there’s a catch: those who haven’t received scholarships since September 2023 are in for a surprise. The government has announced a double installment for children, and in this post, we’ll unravel the details, including who qualifies and how to receive it.

Bisp update
BISP Latest Update

Double Payment of Waseela Taleemi 6000 Starting:

For those who received child benefits in January 2024, the June and September installments did not materialize as expected. The government’s plan involves issuing double installments for children every six months. While the scholarships were scheduled for September, budget constraints delayed their release. These scholarships specifically target boys and girls attending government schools with attendance exceeding 70 percent.

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BISP 9000 payment started
BISP 9000 payment started

BISP Double Payment of 9000 Starting January 2024:

Starting January 1, families will receive a double child stipend of 6,000 rupees per child, comprising a 3,000-rupee installment for both June and September. Eligibility hinges on children maintaining an attendance rate of over 70 percent. For those eagerly awaiting the 2024 installment, rest assured, regular beneficiaries and new families qualifying through surveys and registrations will receive their first child allowance from January 1, with subsequent installments likely starting on January 10th or 15th.

BISP Latest Update

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Benazir Kafalat Program: Checking CNIC Eligibility:

To determine if your CNIC is eligible for the Benazir Kafalat Program, you can follow these methods:

  1. SMS Method:
    • Send an SMS to 8171 with the format: BKZ [Your CNIC].
    • Receive a reply indicating eligibility, monthly stipend, and the next payment date.
  2. BISP Website:
    • Visit the BISP website.
    • Navigate to the “Benazir Kafalat Program” tab.
    • Click “Check Eligibility,” enter your CNIC and verification code, and click “Submit” to receive instant feedback.
  3. BISP One Window Center:
    • Visit a BISP One Window Center.
    • Provide your CNIC number for staff to check eligibility and provide additional program information.

Current Eligibility Criteria:

As of December 26, 2023, the eligibility criteria for the Benazir Kafalat Program include:

  • The head of the household must be a woman.
  • The family’s monthly income should not exceed Rs. 30,000.
  • The family must reside in a rural area.

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The “Waseela Taleemi” initiatives play a crucial role in bridging educational gaps and providing financial support to families in need. As we enter 2024, the promise of double installments and continued efforts from the Benazir Income Support Program reaffirms its commitment to fostering education and inclusivity in Pakistan.

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